Adrianna Tan

Anne Kayli Iliana Kierstyn Jordan Julia Tara Meckila Sam Mason
Willow By the fan Self-portrait on Thanksgiving 2016 Rambutan Self-portrait in Cazanove Hall, Wellesley College Self-portrait in bedroom (365/365) Dandelions Engulfed Self-portrait, Summer 2016 Fur! Hopkins, Minnesota

Fashioning a Sense of Self is an attempt to reclaim and explore the identities of women and non-binary people of color through photography. The images portray young women and non-binary people of color in spaces recognizant of their style and complementary to the forms created by their clothes and bodies. The project began with an all-inclusive, open invitation by which the models themselves were to decide the extent to which they would participate and how they would dress. In this way, these models of color maintained autonomy and agency over the way they are depicted.

The project is accompanied by a magazine that further examines the themes of this project through brief interviews with the participants on their relationship to style and fashion.

Rabia, she/her Anju, they/them Emily, she/her Ruth, she/her Rebecca, she/they Beryce, she/her Karen, she/her Ashley, she/her Kele, she/her Uttkantha, she/they Sarafina, she/her Caitlyn, she/her Anne, she/her Maddie, she/they Jhenna, she/they Kalyani, she/her Jessie, she/they Chika, she/her Annie, she/her Adri (Self-portrait), she/her

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